Our product can increase your restaurant's sales and profit for takeout and delivery orders.  It can also give your customers more satisfaction when they purchase food from your restaurant. 

Example of How the System Works

When a customer calls your restaurant to place an order, our computer system for food delivery services uses their phone number to automatically pull up their name and address and displays them on your terminal screen.   You can now personally greet them with their name. 

For example, when your phone rings, you ask the customer for their phone number and then enter it into the system.  Our system displays all the details of the customer's information so that you can answer "Hello, Mr. Smith.  Thank you for calling our restaurant.  What can I get for you tonight?"

Mr. Smith tells you what he would like delivered.  Since you can see his order from the last time he called, you might ask if he wants the same appetizers with this order.  Or maybe he would like to try something different.

After you have taken and acknowledged his order, there is no need to take the delivery address and directions.  These will display automatically on the terminal screen from his previous order, along with any special instructions.  You can then verify these details with him and update them as needed.

If he used a credit card in the past that has not expired, the computer can then prompt you to say, "Would you like to use the credit card ending in the digits XXXX?"

The computer now prints the order with his address and delivery instructions, and with the credit card number for the purposes of obtaining his signature.  This goes with the driver to the delivery destination.

Some of the benefits of our system include:

We can optionally set up the system to use Caller ID instead of your asking for their phone number.  

Did you know that if you used a toll-free telephone number Caller ID is automatically unblocked?  This allows you to identify the person calling before you answer the call.  Some clients find this an intriguing option for this system.  For example, the computer could ring by saying "Mr. Smith is calling!  Mr. Smith is calling!  He's hungry!!!