ICCN Services

ICCN engages in a broad range of diverse services for businesses and investors.  If this is the first time you've contacted us, start with the Sales and Customer Support department to be routed to the division most suited to your needs.  

Sales and Customer Support

Our Sales and Customer Support department will work with you to get you directly to the information you need.  If you are already a customer and have forgotten your contact, they'll be happy to get you back in touch.  If you need support on a system you've purchased from us, this is the place to start.   

Software Engineering

ICCN has an in-depth Software Engineering capability in all of the disciplines crucial to designing, implementing and maintaining the computer systems that make your business successful.  Our strongest points center around networked databases and telephony. We have broad experience in creating and implementing systems and applications with linkage capabilities to telephones, Internet, videos, pictures, sound, and voice activated systems.


ICCN encompasses a broad spectrum of technical resources and professional expertise with special emphasis on computer-based telephony, networking and database technologies.  We can supply your hardware systems and install any additional hardware and drivers, as well as install the necessary system, application and custom software required to have your system working.  You leave with a working system.