Call Routing System for
Globally Distributed Businesses

Our global call routing system is designed for companies that have multiple offices in geographically dispersed locations (for example different cities, states or countries). The  offices may have different working hours based on their time zone, day of week, time of day, set date ranges, holiday exclusions, and availability of employees based on their schedule. The calling party may be anywhere in the world and may call at any time during the day. Using the time of call, the caller ID pointing to the location of the call, and or caller entered digits by the phone pad, the system automatically routes the call to the appropriate person. It also allows the receiving person to transfer the call to anyone else in the world that may be able to process the call. It can also optionally record the conversations at the main office, even if the call was routed to a cell phone.

For example your company runs around-the-clock operations every day of the year in several locations located in different time zones. In addition to regular working hours you have to be prepared for unexpected emergencies requiring immediate action.  When your customers call your 800 number you have to be able to connect them with support groups and/or expert personnel available anywhere in the world.

Let's say you have customers worldwide, but have support centers in only six cities: Los Angeles, New York, Dublin, Moscow, Calcutta and Tokyo.  If a call comes from Mexico City, Mexico at 9 AM their time (same as central time for USA), the support centers would have the following times:

City Los Angeles New York Dublin Moscow Calcutta Tokyo
Time Zone GMT - 8 GMT - 5 GMT GMT + 3 GMT + 5.5 GMT + 9
Local Time 8 AM 11 AM 4 PM 7 PM 9:30 PM 1 AM 
Day of week Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Saturday

You set up service hours for your offices so that only one or more offices is open at any given time. You have employees working at different hours, some at the office, some at home and some on cell phones.

Suppose today is a labor holiday in the U.S., a religious holiday in Ireland and tomorrow is a national holiday in Japan.  A major equipment failure occurs in your customer's Mexico City office.  The Mexico City office calls your emergency hotline 800 number.  In fact, only the Moscow and Calcutta offices are not having holidays.  

How do you route the call to on-duty staff?  What if the first choice is not available? How do you ensure that the call is forwarded to troubleshooters?  How do you record hurried messages so that the person who is fielding the problem can review the report later while its still needed to handle the incident?  How can the record be used to train the support staff so they can be more responsive the next time a similar problem happens? How can this all be carried out without a hitch so that the customer having the problem gets to talk to your experts within a minute or so of placing the call?

The Distributed Call Routing, Recording and Response System (DCRRRS) handles all these problems, and more, quickly, efficiently, smoothly and reliably.  DCRRRS:  


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