Telephone Time Clock (TTC)

 The Telephone Time Clock (TTC) is a time clock system for companies whose employees work at geographically different business locations such as janitorial services or professional job shops. It automates, expedites and simplifies the job clock-in and clock-out processes at the same time it monitors for correct employee attendance. A no-show and/or tardiness trigger immediate supervisor notification by email or pager.  The system keeps teams on track and helps you meet your schedules and commitments.

How TTC Works

Setup: Each employee is given an (800) phone number to call and an employee ID to key in on the telephone phone pad.

Clock-In: The employee dials into the (800) number, receives a voice prompt "Please enter your employee ID", enters his employee ID and hangs up. The entire process takes less than 20 seconds of connect time on the average.

Clock-Out: The procedure is identical to the Clock-In procedure - the employee dials into the (800) number, receives the voice prompt, enters his employee ID and hangs up.

What TTC Provides

*   TTC keeps a log of the date and time of each call, the calling telephone’s caller ID to verify the location of the employee during clock-in or clock-out, and the employee ID entered by the calling employee.

*   For additional verification TTC can record voice messages and/or conversations.

*   The supervisor sets up schedules for all employees. If an employee does not clock-in or clock-out on schedule the supervisor is notified immediately via email, pager and/or a call with a recorded voice message.

*   If desired, TTC can place an immediate three-way call with the supervisor and the employee, and can optionally record the call on the computer.

*   When critical conditions are triggered the organization can respond immediately.

*   TTC will provide the activity logs in any database format or spreadsheet format you desire. You get quick, organized access to all records and can find the information you need in a flash, even if it is months or years old.

*   TTC can perform time calculations for each employee, group or project, arranged the way you want to see it.

*   Total hours by employee, group or project.

*   Total break time

*   No-show reports

*   Late-show reports

*   Over time reports

*   Customer billing reports for job shops.

*   Accrued time reports

*   Management can access the TTC system through the Internet. With an Internet connection you can set up schedules, review call logs, download logs and so forth.

*   TTC has add-on components that can be purchased separately to provide a complete turnkey system to run a nationwide job shop. 

Why TTC Works So Well

TTC verifies:

*   Employee's identity by voiceprint

*   Time of originating call

*   Location of originating call

TTC verifies: the employee's identity, the time of the originating call and the location of the originating call. In almost all cases, a call into an (800) number unblocks blocked Caller ID thus the location can be verified. Trying to fool the supervisor by calling from home does not work.

TTC eliminates:

*   Manual data entry

*   Error due to manual data entry

*   Manual accounting with its attendant errors

*   Lost time cards and lost time forms

*   Delays due to malfunction of equipment such as time clocks, fax machines and copiers.

*   Error due to incorrect time clocks. TTC synchronizes its clock with the legal standard clock at the National Institutes of Standards and Technology.

*   Time of day is always correct

*   Date is always correct

*   Time clock purchase, maintenance and supplies.

*   High hardware costs

*   High startup costs

*   Long and expensive training times

*   High conversion costs