Phone Routing, Recording and Response System

ICCN's Phone Routing, Recording, Logging and Response Reception system is primarily designed for local and/or global organizations responsible for providing 24x7 prompt response.  The automated Routing system allows your people to work from home or anywhere . 

Forwards and records calls to the first available sales rep or customer support person at or away from the office.

The system is built on simple, reliable, cost-effective technology.  

Runs under Windows 95, NT 4.0 or Windows 2000.

Accepts, routes and records from 2 to 48 simultaneous calls on one computer.

Can selectively route calls based on the originating call's area code, or area code and prefix, or the complete phone number of the caller. 

Caller ID usually cannot be blocked for 800 or 888 numbers, this allows you to receive the name, phone no. and addresses of people who called your business.

Recorded conversations and phone logs can be routed to your order fulfillment, quality control or marketing department through your computer network or the Internet.

Allows you to put the personal touch back into your business, by forwarding your calls to a live person anywhere, who can re-route the call with their phone pad.

Can be used as a time clock for remote employees, providing check-in, check-out and location of originating call via Caller ID.

Optionally, can provide automatic voice and pager notification for activity on your computer or network.

Tracks duration of calls for time billing purposes.

Accepts, routes and records from 2 to 48 simultaneous calls on one computer.

Records conversations on the computer at your office, even if your employee answers and works from home or on a cell phone.

Logs and records all phone activity to database records, and allows you to tag the records with your phone pad at the end of the conversation.

Allows phone pad data entry to the computer at the office, even if the voice call is still in progress between your customer and employee at home.

Creates detailed reports, sorts, filters, graphs of all phone activity on your system with MS Access for marketing, customer service, and sales analysis.

Review your sales calls in detail.

Set an example for effortless organization: recall the entire record of your dealings with each customer, on a per-business basis, on a per-contact basis or on both.   

Make sure your response to the customers is complete and accurate before you get back to them.  Save money by getting it right the first time.  

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Phone Routing, Recording and Response System